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Welcome to Luma Counseling

Luma Counseling is a private practice providing counseling to address grief, loss and bereavement, trauma, and general issues impacting mental health.

I provide compassionate and collaborative counseling to individuals currently dealing with trauma and/or loss.  You will experience a safe environment where you can feel genuine acceptance and connection.  You will  be both supported and challenged as you  explore your inner landscape, the world and systems that impact you, and work towards healing.

Clinical supervision and consultation are also provided.  Working with other professionals to provide support, guidance, and exploration of your practice, cases, and who you are as a therapist is one of my favorite roles.  My approach is platformed to allow for varying levels of experience and need.


Collaborative & Connected
Counseling Services

Supporting Your Success

Abstract Lights
Light and Shadows

Individual Counseling

Support, Guidance, & Connection

Evidence based, trauma-informed counseling.  I work with a range of issues including grief and loss, trauma, women's issues, life transitions, anxiety, depression, and general life stress.  I look forward to helping you create the space you need to heal through insight, self-compassion, and increased coping.

Grief, Loss, & Trauma

A Space to Heal

Trauma, grief, and loss touch so many parts of our human experience and take so many different forms.  They can be tangibly large points of transition in our lives like losing someone we love or experiencing violence.  But they also touch the smaller, less noticed transitions, like changing jobs, parenting, interacting with systems outside of our control.  I view many mental health symptoms as stemming from difficulty in previous experiences, and provide focused attention on creating a space where you can begin to move through trauma, grief, and loss and come to a place where their impact is no longer a factor impeding your wellness.

Supervision & Consultation

Education, Growth, & Support

Counseling supervision to increase your skill and comfort in the counseling relationship, explore person-of-therapist issues, and strengthen your ethical and administrative knowledge and application.


"We do know that no one gets wise enough to really understand the heart of another, though it is the task of our life to try."

Louise Erdrich

Upcoming Events

  • Intimate Partner Violence: Exploration, Treatment, and Ethical Considerations
    Intimate Partner Violence: Exploration, Treatment, and Ethical Considerations
    Time is TBD
    Virtual Event
    A training focused on increasing provider's knowledge base surrounding IPV. Will include education, systemic considerations, ethical considerations, and treatment options. CEUs available.
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