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A little more about me..


I am deeply committed to providing care that is compassionate, collaborative, and trauma-informed.  I am passionate about working with individuals who have been impacted by grief, loss, and trauma.  I have additional experience in anxiety, depression, life transitions, women's issues, and general mental health. I strive to create a safe environment for you to explore your Self, your world, and the systems that touch and impact your daily living. I regularly integrate insight-oriented therapy, mindfulness and self-compassion work, and experiential interventions including sand tray and expressive arts. 


While I tailor treatment approaches to each individual, I am at the core a person-centered counselor.  I am not interested in imposing my beliefs about what your life should look like.  Instead I work from a place of unconditional acceptance, genuine care, and compassionate and collaborative dialogue. I take time to understand who you are, your cultural background, where your values and strengths align, and the many systems that impact who you are and what you have experienced.  I want to support you in finding meaning, fulfillment, and wellness regardless of your circumstances.

I believe every person deserves to have their needs met, to have access to community, and to find support both intrapersonally and through interdependence.  Learning to receive care is the greatest act of self love and I look forward to building trust and connection with you as you reclaim your wholeness.



  • Completed a three year nationally accredited graduate level counseling program at Texas State University including intensive supervised training, facilitated grief groups for traumatic loss, and provided counseling in a university community clinic

  • Provided free crisis and trauma counseling for a large community counseling non-profit working with individuals, families, and parents.

  • Experience in a variety of agency settings serving individuals, couples, families, parents and children.

  • Clinical supervisor focused on supporting the ethical and mindful growth of counselors pursuing clinical licensure.

  • Ongoing continued education and training in areas of specialization and general mental health.


How I Work...

Relationship First
In order for change to occur, you must feel safe. I work first and foremost to create and maintain a healthy relationship with you. Tap into the power of supportive, reflective, and engaged dialogue; care without conditions; acceptance, connection, and genuine curiosity.

Commitment to Equity

Social justice is an important component of mental health.  As a member of Counselors for Social Justice, I align with their commitment to addressing systems of oppression and external/environmental barriers to wellness. 


I commit to ongoing dialogue, reflection, and direct action, to promote equity and access to mental health services.  

I commit to confront, turn towards, and increase my awareness of the current and historical limitation and harm that the mental health community has caused through nueronormative theories, white supremacy and racism, and systemic oppression and exclusion of marginalized groups including disabled people, LGBTQIA, and nuerodivergent people within the field of mental health. 


I commit to seeking out, supporting, and increasing my knowledge and understanding of, the direct action and work of thinkers and mental health professionals who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color, disabled, LGBTQIA, and nuerodivergent in order to expand my personal and professional lens and confront, understand, and work to dismantle my bias, privilege, and role in systems of oppression.


I commit to reducing the barrier to accessing quality mental health by providing alternative fee structures and scholarships to upcoming trainings and webinars.


I will actively work to be aware of my limitations and the varied needs of my clients including providing quality referrals when I am unable to meet needs and requirements for support. 


I look forward to learning, unlearning, and growing with all of you.

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